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Private Fitness

While we specialize in private training and in-home sessions. If you're looking for a personalized workout with a pinch of aloha, we've got you covered.

One-Hour Personal Training


Scott — 70

Megan — 70

Emily — 70

Kristi — 80

Gwynn — 85

One-Hour Duet Training

Duet Training is a private session with one instructor

and two clients. This is perfect if you want to work out

with your partner, a friend, or an out-of-town guest!


Scott — 80

Megan — 80

Emily — 80

Kristi — 90

Gwynn — 90

Assisted Stretch with Theragun  50/session


Book with us at or call 808-931-0221. 

We're available for in-home sessions for an additional fee (Kailua and surrounding areas).

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