Client success and feedback.

Scott was great at helping me set realistic yet achievable goals through an overall body approach to my health. I have worked with a lot of trainers over the years and appreciate the attention to detail that Gwynn and Scott bring to each session.

- Darren J.

I look forward to my sessions with Gywnn. I have been working her for 3 years. I am sure she is the reason my dad is doing so well as he is a regular of ten plus years.

- Kaleo S.

Kailua Fitness is everything I hope a pro trainer would be. I loved my experience and can feel the benefits after just one session They are super knowledgeable, easy to understand and even took pics with my phone so I know my promoter routine. On top of that, they have great personalities to keep me safe and encouraged. We laughed about all kinds of topics. It was a super pleasant, efficient experience and a great value. I highly recommend Kailua Fitness. Do it today is my motto!

- Marie M.

Gwynn has been our trainer for 10 years, and she develops individualized exercise programs based on our particular needs, aches and pains on any given day, etc. She is always engaging in continuing education to incorporate the latest techniques and equipment, and her knowledge of human physiology and anatomy is impressive. We're always amazed at her ability to switch up her plan for any given day for us, if we have a pain or injury she didn't know about. Plus we always have fun!

- Margo and Steve

I have been working with Gwynn for about 15 years. She has seen me through chronic joint arthritis and neck problems including 4 surgeries. I really credit her for keeping me mobile, promoting safe exercise and reducing my pain. She is extremely knowledgeable about human physiology. She's also a whole lot of fun to be around and takes the dreariness out of my exercise routine!

- Vickie P.

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